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Small Welding Jobs

Do you want to maximise the space in your garage or warehouse? We specialise in small welding jobs, and can even custom fabricate shelving and racking to suit your existing premises and maximise your storage capacity. Why bother with DIY kits when you can get a professional racking system made to suit your exact requirements?

Steel gates can succumb to rust and damage. We can repair damaged steel fencing and gates, leaving them rust free and ready for powder coating or painting in whatever colour you would like.

We can fabricate anything you want out of steel, see some of our projects here:

Computer Monitor Stand

Our client wanted to be able to use 6 monitors simultaneously. We designed the frame with the appropriate side angles allow easy viewing of the side screens from a central point. We then fabricated the frame out of steel tube and painted it in black rust proof paint. Standard VESA monitor mounts were used and setup on adjustable joins to allow pitch adjustment. The rack holds 6 24" LCD monitors, has a common power grid with a common power switch to turn them all on/off simultaneously. (custom multi-monitor computer system by DCN Solutions)

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